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Mason’s Siding is the exclusive distributor for the state of Alaska for the Quality Edge hidden vent aluminum soffit. This soffit offers the look of a solid soffit while offering all of the ventilation needed for your attic to circulate properly.

Aluminum or vinyl soffit including triple 4” solid & fully vented V-groove soffit panels. Soffit J, cove J, F-channels and deluxe crown moldings are available accessories as well. We stock white aluminum & vinyl soffit. We sell more aluminum soffit than vinyl soffit because the aluminum is very strong and holds up well against the high winds we get here in Alaska. Our aluminum or vinyl soffit can be special ordered in many colors. White and brown D-style aluminum roof edge trim is in stock.

Aluminum coil stock or pre-made fascia Smooth/polyester or wood-grained/P.V.C. coated coil stock is available in over 100 colors. We stock white wood-grained/P.V.C. coated aluminum coil. Pre-made 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” aluminum & steel fascia are also available and can be ordered in 29 different colors.

“Vapro WallShield” Vapro WallShield offers 212 perms of breathability and is the most breathable wall wrap on the market.

Green Guard C-2000
C-2000 offers 94 perms of breathability.

Vapro WrapShield
Wrapshield offers 50 Perms of breathability and also has an adhesive pre applied to all of the seams to prevent water and air infiltration.

GreenGuard Raindrop 3D
Raindrop 3D is not a highly breathable product but instead offers a unique vertical woven pattern in the material that allows water to drain out the bottom even when crushed behind siding or rigid insulation.

We also offer different options for rainscreen drainage planes:

Benjamin Obdyke is a woven plastic material that cannot be compressed to the wall even when power fastening siding over the top. This allows your breathable wall wraps to release the moisture that comes through the wall out into the layer of air that the Benjamin Obdyke creates behind the siding. This prevents water from building up at the fastening points on top of the siding and allows air to flow behind the siding for superior drying.

Green Guard DC14 is an extruded polystyrene (XPS) drainage board with channels built into both sides of the board. This also creates water channels for water to get out if it were to get behind the siding.

Mason’s also offers R-max rigid insulation that is used to add additional insulation to the exterior of the home before the new siding is applied. R-max offers R-5.9 in a 1″ thick material. Other thicknesses are also available. R-max is made of polyisocyanurate with a foil backer on both sides of the foam.

We offer many styles of custom-formed pre-painted aluminum or steel trim with over 100 colors to choose from. The following is a list of our most popular custom fabricated trim pieces:

  • Window & door header Z-flashing
  • Frieze/belly board Z-flashing
  • Deck or roof L-flashing
  • Gutter flashing
  • Window & door wood casing, header or sill trim wrap
  • Wood fixed picture window or door sidelight or jamb trim wrap
  • Fascia under sill/finish trim
  • Foundation flashing
  • and more….

Deck L-flashing protects the deck ledger board by forcing water away from the wall Window and Door Z-flashing protects the tops of wood windows and doors from standing water Custom formed fascias in any standard size or shape in smooth or PVC woodgrain

We can obtain almost any style, brand or color of siding manufactured in North America. We do not sell or install compressed wood siding as it does not hold up over time.

Greatest selection of materials and the best level of service for any budget.

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