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The Anchorage Bowl and Mat-Su Valley are hit by severe storms often with winds that exceed 100 miles per hour. Thousands of homes and businesses end up with millions of dollars of storm damage.

Mason’s Siding receives all kinds of calls for help from customers every year that have had storm damage. Customers may have been unfortunate enough to have roofing ripped off of their homes, tree branches stuck in their roofs, siding, decks, fences, patio covers and trim blown away or destroyed. Even before a storm is over, Mason's Siding may send "repair teams" out to patch roofs and/or side walls to ensure that water will not leak in and cause the homeowners more damage.

Our trained "Construction Project Estimators" write up storm damage proposals quickly so homeowners can submit their insurance claims right away and get their homes repaired as soon as possible.

Many homeowners are offered a low settlement amount from their insurance companies for the repair damages. Far too many homeowners, not having experience with insurance claims, take the money offered by the insurance company and later find out that the insurance company took advantage of them. We will assist homeowners in receiving a fair and reasonable insurance settlement.

The storm damage testimonials below have proven to us that “if a project is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time." While quality products and workmanship may cost a little more, as my father used to say, "You get what you pay for." If you are looking for a company that offers top quality name brand material and excellent craftsmanship with a workmanship warranty second to none, then you need to call Mason's Siding.

It is a perfect match.

Mr. Mason,

The repair to our existing siding has been completed. It is a perfect match. The repair only took about 30 minutes, maybe less. We will recommend your company to anyone who inquires.

Thank you very, very much………….
Noland & Shari Hallman
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

(The Wasilla siding contractor that sold and installed the siding for the Hallman’s would not come back and fix their damaged siding. Mason’s Siding not only supplied and fixed the siding for these fine retired folks but we did it at no cost for them)

Letter of Recommendation

This last summer, 2014, we were looking for a siding product for our thirty-one year old home. We met Dave Mason from Mason’s Siding at the Kenai Peninsula Home Show and were impressed with their “Everlast Polymeric Siding Cladding” product.

Dave made an appointment to look at our home and give us a bid. He was very prompt and submitted a detailed bid in a very timely manner.

After agreeing to the presented bid, Dave ordered and delivered the material right on time and his crew arrived and went to work. They were very professional and friendly, kept the work site clean and organized and worked hard and long hours every day to completion.

As with any big job, small changes and additions came up which were all incorporated and accommodated for. Our project included siding the whole house, fascia, soffits, window & door trim. The whole project was completed in a timely manner working through heavy down-pouring rain, mosquitoes and yellow jacket wasps!

Loren & Dianna Hollers
Soldotna, Alaska

Your act of kindness goes above expectations.
Dear Dave,

When I placed the call to your office last week for assistance on mounting a dryer vent cap, I had no idea you would actually show up and install it for me!

Your act of kindness goes above expectations and I deem it an honor to thank you with this card. Your company set the bar for excellency and we are very lucky to have you as our siding contractor!

While a car salesman who forgets your name after the sale is completed, your company is there for us all the time. This is highly unusual in this world today!

Thanks again for saving us hours of work!


Joshua & Patricia McCoy
2711 West 69th Avenue
Anchorage, Alaska 99502-2240

(We installed new siding, soffit & fascia, and gutters for the McCoy’s earlier in the year)

It is a perfect match.

Mr. Mason,

The repair to our existing siding has been completed. It is a perfect match. The repair only took about 30 minutes, maybe less. We will recommend your company to anyone who inquires.

Thank you very, very much………….

Noland & Shari Hallman
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

(The Wasilla siding contractor that sold and installed the siding for the Hallman’s would not come back and fix their damaged siding. Mason’s Siding not only supplied and fixed the siding for these fine retired folks but we did it at no cost for them)

Mr. Mason,

I have been meaning to call you, but have been to busy!! I wanted to let you know how happy Joe & I are with the way the siding turned out.

I also want to compliment your entire crew. They were probably the easiest contractors to work with through the whole process of building our new home. They always had great attitudes even when it was pouring down rain everyday.

Thanks again and I will certainly recommend Mason’s Siding to others.

Kelli DeRaeve
Kenai, Alaska

In early 2009 we had a very strong storm come through the Anchorage area. The wind literally tore the old aluminum siding off the south side of our home. I contacted several siding companies, including Mason’s Siding & Supply, Inc.

Mr. Mason came over to our house, listened to my story and inspected the storm damaged siding. He told me that our aluminum siding had probably been discontinued and if an exact match could not be found our insurance company more than likely would have to pay for new siding on the entire home. It had not even occurred to me to contact my insurance company and was amazed to think they would pay for new siding on the entire house.

It turned out that an exact match could not be found and eventually the insurance company did pay to have new siding put on the entire home.  Mason’s Siding replaced the siding later that year and did an absolutely beautiful job. I am so glad I contacted Mr. Mason.

Thank you so much.

Gail Gandy
Anchorage, Alaska

The windstorm that hit the Mat-Valley in March of 2003 left our home in a shambles. The vinyl soffit was blown out on our front entry and on other areas of the home as well. The vinyl siding also blew off of our house in several areas. We contacted our insurance company so we could get our home repaired. Our insurance company was only willing to give us $650.00 toward all the repairs.

We called Mason’s Siding & Supply asking for help. Mr. & Mrs. Mason arrived the next day and after looking at our home told us that our vinyl siding had been discontinued. The Mason’s contacted our insurance company and went to bat for us. About six weeks later we received a settlement check from the insurance company for $12,900.00. Mason’s Siding & Supply put all new vinyl siding and aluminum trim on our home and they did an outstanding job. The following year we had Mason’ Siding build us a new large beautiful deck and staircase.

Mr. & Mrs. R. Mack Arrington
Wasilla, Alaska

The March storm was very extreme, our house shook and our aluminum siding started to blow down the street. We called our insurance company once the storm was over. We also called some siding contractors including Mason’s Siding & Supply Mr. & Mrs. Mason arrived at our home the next day to look at our damaged siding and trim. Mr. Mason said that he thought our aluminum siding had been discontinued. He said he would see if any replacement siding could be found anywhere in the nation. A day or two later Mr. Mason called me and said the siding was in fact discontinued. I told Mr. Mason that the insurance company said that my siding damage was not covered by my insurance. Mr. Mason said “Oh really, we will see about that.” Mr. Mason asked me to call him as soon as I received my insurance settlement papers.

Over two months passed, finally I received the insurance settlement papers. The insurance company was only going to give me a check for $396.00 to fix my siding. I called Mr. Mason and told him about the settlement, Mr. Mason said “Give me the adjusters name & number and I will take care of it for you.” The next day, my insurance company called and said that they were sending me a check for $12,499.00. I don’t know what Mr. Mason said to the insurance company, but whatever it was I am very grateful. Mason’s Siding installed all the new steel siding on my home. Thank you Mr. Mason

Daryl Bussell
Palmer, Alaska

In March of 2003, our house was hit by 100 mile per hour winds that ripped a lot of siding off the front and left sides of our home. We called our insurance company right after the storm. We also called several siding contractors including Mason’s Siding & Supply The adjuster told us that he was willing to give us a check for $5,657.00.

Mr. & Mrs. Mason arrived at our home within 24 hours of our call and told us that our aluminum siding had been discontinued for a many years. We told Mr. & Mrs. Mason that we just wanted to put new siding on two sides of our home as that is all our insurance company would pay for. Mr. Mason said that he would get the insurance company to pay for the new siding on our entire home. My wife and I thought Mr. Mason was crazy. A week later, our insurance company called telling us that they were going to pay for all the new siding on our entire home and that it would be replaced by Mason’s Siding. We were shocked in disbelief. Mason’s Siding & Supply supplied and installed all of our new steel siding and their workmanship is excellent.

Richard & Elaine Potter
Wasilla, Alaska

The March storm here in Palmer, Alaska was the worst we have ever seen. We lost many shingles do to the high winds, so we called our insurance company to get the roof replaced. The insurance company sent out an adjuster, and much to our surprise he only wanted to give us $450.00 to “Patch” our roof. We were very upset to say the least as we had been paying the same insurance company money for over twenty years and had never turned in a single claim before.

We got out the phone book and called Mason’s Siding & Supply along with several other roofing companies. Dave & Beth Mason came out to look at our damage right away as we were concerned about the roof leaking. Mr. Mason climbed up on our roof and checked it out thoroughly. Mr. Mason took photographs of the damaged areas and then patched the damaged area temporarily that same day so we would not have to worry about water damage inside our home.

We showed the Mason’s the paper work left by our insurance company. Mr. Mason said that he would make the insurance company pay to get our roof repaired properly. About a week later, our insurance company called and said that they were sending us a check for $3,645.00, and that Mason’s Siding & Supply would be supplying and installing new shingles on our entire roof.

None of the other roofing contractors did anything to help us settle with the insurance company. Thank God we contacted Mason’s Siding.

Herb & Bernice Boyle
Palmer, Alaska

The March 2003 storm was terrible. The edge of my roof was flopping up and down and I lost several shingles. I called my insurance company right after the two-day storm was over. The insurance company sent out an adjuster and a week or so later I received a settlement check for $3,752.00.

One of my very good friends suggested that I call Dave Mason from Mason’s Siding & Supply, and boy am I glad that I did. Mr. Mason climbed up on my roof to inspect it and also went up into the attic to look for damage. Mr. Mason told me that the insurance company was not offering me enough money to fix the roof and overhang properly. His exact words were “Give me your adjuster’s name and number and I will take care of it all.” Two weeks later I received a new check in the amount of $5,995.00.

Mr. Mason and his crew replaced my entire garage roof and did a lot more work than the insurance company was willing to do in the first place. Thank you Mr. Mason!

Patsy Starling
Palmer, Alaska

We recently had the experience of working with Mr. Mason and his crew on a window and siding project at our Condominium in Homer. Mr. Mason was very helpful and was very patient with all the questions that we had and made sure that the products selected were what we needed for a satisfactory completion. We had new Andersen windows throughout and a a new patio door. Jeremy and the crew were amazing! Very patient with us and the quality of the work was top notch! The professionalism and knowledge of what was needed was awesome. Our little “condo by the sea” is now our perfect little retreat and is the most beautiful building in the area.

Thank you so much…

Bill and Jeanne

Dear Dave and Tracee:

How could we have ever known what our chance meeting at the 2017 home show would bring.

We have come to know you both thru friendship, business and working together on our dream retirement home.

You have gone above and beyond anything we could have imagined.

When we ordered the Everlast siding in the color, Misty Taupe, I wasn’t really sure about the color, but I am truly in love with it.

You both came and spent an entire weekend teaching us and our son Bud, who is building our little house, how to put up siding. You worked side by side with us and we couldn’t believe you never intended to charge us for your help. That is un heard of in this world today. You are selfless and sincere in everything you say and do. From the home show, to meeting your son at the shop, who helped us complete our order.

The house is ready for winter now and we can’t wait for the Mason’s to visit.

God Bless you both and Mason Siding and Supply for being the most honest and moral company we have dealt with.

You are family now ,so see you soon

Love always
Bill, Betty Sue, and Bud Bovee

A company you can trust!!!

My first experience with Mason Siding was several years ago when we had damage to the vinyl siding on a number of our Harmony Condo units in Eagle River. Mason’s Siding was recommended to me by Snow’s Management (our management company). I contacted Dave Mason and he came out and provided us with an estimate and a schedule for the work. Mr. Mason ordered the siding and when it arrived, he and another person came out and installed the new siding in less than three days. Mr. Mason also noticed some poorly installed siding (done by another contractor) on two recently constructed condos. He fixed this siding at “no charge”.

Since that time, we have had some damage (wind) several times to the siding and Mr. Mason was quick to respond and repair the damage. In one case, Mr. Mason quoted their minimum charge for a repair and afterwards called me and asked me if it would be “ok” to charge us only 1/2 of the minimum charge since the repair took less time than he expected!

Mr. Mason and his workers are professional and very experienced at the installation and repair of all types of siding. Mr. Mason is the most professional and ethical contractor and person that I have ever dealt with and I strongly recommend Mr. Mason and his company Mason’s Siding.

Rodney Blum

President of the Harmony Condo Association
Eagle River, Alaska

I am writing to compliment you on the quality of the work you did when Buccaneer Condo Association hired your company to put on steel and aluminum siding on our three buildings during the winter/spring of 2016.

I was the President of the BCA from 2013-2017. We began planning for eventual replacement of our 40 year old, failing cedar siding in 2013. Dave was involved from the beginning by providing invaluable information and guidance throughout the entire two years of planning. Getting a small group with diverse opinions to agree on materials and contractors was no easy feat, but Dave persevered. Luckily Mason’s offered us a competitive bid, and we chose them primarily for two reasons: 1) the impeccable reputation of the company and 2) our past dealings with Dave Mason. We were not disappointed with our choice.

The Association started out considering multiple different materials, but eventually chose horizontal steel siding on most of the buildings, with contrasting Longboard (aluminum) siding for the walkways and garage door surrounds. We were extremely happy with the final appearance. Multiple individuals and agents told us that our new siding instantly raised the value of our homes. We also enjoyed knowing that, unlike wood, we and future owners could anticipate years of low to no maintenance.

The quality of the work Mason’s did was outstanding. The workmen cleaned up on a daily basis, and would cheerfully do anything we asked to make us happy (such as moving materials frequently to prevent lawn damage). When there were the inevitable unanticipated problems or misunderstandings, Dave would immediately respond and try to rectify our concerns to the best of his ability. He also gave advice on how to enhance or improve the cosmetic appearance of our buildings, for example by covering up old vents. It was obvious throughout the entire process that he was very concerned about the reputation of his company, and wanted us to be satisfied at the end.

I would have absolutely no hesitation at all hiring Mason’s in the future for any siding needs.


Bonnie Swanson
(Former) President, Buccaneer Condo Association
[email protected]

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